Samurai Oyster Fried Oyster Burger
Samurai “SAMURAI” Kobe Beef Steak Burger
burger bag
Plump large shrimp burger
Party Box (contains 5 onigiri burgers)
Kobe Beef Kansai Style Sukiyaki “SUKIYAKI” Burger
Homemade oil miso-deep-fried tofu
“Super delicious croquettes” made with domestic Japanese black beef

OnigiriBurger(Onigiri Burger)'s menu was developed by Sushi Kizuna, a restaurant in Osaka that is difficult to reserve.
Please enjoy our carefully selected dishes, from rice and seaweed to seasonal ingredients and seasonings.

ABOUT Thoughts on Onigiri Burger

You can enjoy "the ultimate Japanese taste" from difficult-to-reserve restaurant with just one hand!
Japanese hamburger "Onigiri Burger"

Our thoughts on Onigiri Burger

Based on the concept of "MAKE FOR YOU", we offer "freshly cooked" with all our heart. The entire menu was developed by the owner of Sushi Kizuna, a restaurant that is so difficult to get a reservation at Kyobashi, Osaka. Enjoy "Japanese food" packed with the attention to detail that only a famous sushi restaurant can offer, from the rice to the seaweed to the ingredients and seasonings, all in one bite, just like a hamburger.

Freshly made, warm and delicious, just for you (MAKE FOR YOU)
I want you to try "Onigiri Burger"...

With this in mind, we make everything after receiving an order.
The rice used is a blend of almost pesticide-free rice from Kyotango (Kyoto) and carefully selected domestic rice that goes well with rice balls.
We use seaweed from Ariake and always prepare freshly cooked rice. Use SPAM for pork.

In Hawaii, the style is to put Spam on top of rice and cover it with seaweed, but with rice ball burgers,
The menu features unique ingredients such as meat miso, fried shrimp, deep-fried tofu & oil miso, Korean-style yakiniku, perilla leaves and shiso konbu on top of grilled spam and thinly fried egg.
In other words, the menu expands infinitely depending on the number of ingredients you add to it.

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KODAWARI The menu was developed by the owner of Sushi Kizuna, a restaurant in Kyobashi, Osaka that is difficult to reserve!
We are very particular about the rice, seaweed, ingredients, seasonings, and ingredients!

Onigiri Burger's commitment to the ingredients: ``Rice'' Commitment to materials Rice

The rice has a sweet taste and is grown in an old rice farm in the Harie district of Shiga Prefecture, a "Shozu no Sato" full of spring water that was selected by the Ministry of the Environment as one of the "Top 100 famous waters of the Heisei era" Uses "Koshihikari". It brings out the flavor of the ingredients in the rice ball burger.

Onigiri Burger's commitment to ingredients: seaweed Commitment to materials Seaweed

We use "Ariake Niban" seaweed, and we also use special products that "Sushi Kizuna" deals directly with. It is a treasure trove of nutrients, containing a wide variety of nutrients such as amino acids and minerals. It is characterized by its crunchy texture and melt-in-your-mouth sweetness, and goes perfectly with freshly cooked rice.

SHOP INFO store information

OnigiriBurger Kansai International Airport
OnigiriBurger 関西国際空港本店

1 Senshu Airport North, Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture
Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 Building Main Building 2nd floor
International departure area M267 section
OnigiriBurger Kansai International Airport Main Store


Opening hours 6:30-00:45 (last order 23:45)
Seats/Reservations No seats due to take-out (there are seats in the food court)
TEL 072-447-6567
Credit card Credit card payment possible
Electronic money It also supports electronic money payments, including transportation electronic money such as Suica and PASMO. Learn more
Onigiri Burger Kansai Airport store exterior

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Company Information Company


Location 〒653-0002
4-1-10-36-14 Rokubancho, Nagata-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
Established June 18, 20182018.07.18
Capital 2000 million yen20,000,000 JPY
Representative Director Tatsuya Sawada
Employees 15 people(As of March 2018, 11)(2018.11.15)
Business Activities
  • Restaurant management and consulting business
  • Mail order sales of food and beverages over the internet
  • Recruitment of member stores for franchise chain system, guidance and consulting for member stores
  • General food sales
  • Manufacturing, processing, and sales of frozen foods and ice cream
  • Sales of beverages and alcohol
Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Our History

Established OKAGESMADE Inc.
“Onigiri Burger Kobe Sannomiya store” opens as a limited time store (2018/10/12-2019/1/27)
“Onigiri Burger Dotonbori store” opens as a limited time store (2018/12/19-2019/2/15)
“Onigiri Burger Kuromon Market Main Store” OPEN (Relocated from 2019/2/15 to 2020/5)
“2019 Rakuten Open Tennis Tournament” store opening
"Onigiri Burger Kitchen Car Business" starts in earnest from the sports scene
"Kansai International Airport store (2F general area food court)" OPEN as a limited time store (2021/3/31-2023/10/31)
“Kansai International Airport Main Store (Kansai International Airport 2F International Departure Area)” OPEN (2023/12/5-Present)